How to Impress Your Prom Date: A Quick Guide For Guys

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Prom night is not a time when you want to let down the girl of your dreams (aka…the girl who said “yes”). Here are some simple things to know before you pull up in front of her house in your 1988 Oldsmobile, blaring Eminem, and wearing your dad’s old prom tuxedo.

First, you should know that every girl who’s watched a romantic teen movie fears that she will be stood up on Prom night. Make sure you tell her what time you will be there and do NOT be late!

You’ll need a prom tuxedo. As an FYI, girls don’t like powder blue. They don’t want to see ruffles or anything made out of duct tape. Black and white is always classic, but you can add color by coordinating your vest and tie to her dress.


Many guys think that pulling up in a limo or your Uncle’s Classic Camero is the epitome of a good Prom Night. Admittedly, it is good to have a nice (and CLEAN car); but a more important aspect are the flowers. Find a good florist who knows how to put together the perfect wrist corsage for your date. To really impress her, though, bring additional flowers for her mom and her Great Aunt Leatha.


Now that you’ve finally said good-bye to her parents, it’s just you and her, and this is where you better have a plan. Going through the drive thru at Carl’s Jr will not be the best route to take at this point. You will need to provide the meal of her dreams. She will particularly enjoy a place where you had to make reservations a month in advance.


Finally, at the dance, the most important thing you can do to impress your date is to actually dance! When a girl goes to prom, she wants to drink punch, dance with her date and hopefully score the ultimate teen title of Prom Queen. You are encouraged to make all her dreams come true (even if you have to stuff the ballot box).

If everything goes right, your beautiful date for the night will tell all her girlfriends what a great guy you are. This will ensure many more date nights to come with a variety of girls who will expect the same treatment. (So you may want to get another job!)

Here are a selection of men’s formal wear for prom nite: