Prom Corsage: Scoring Prom Date Points

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Just like in your favorite sport, there are uniform and equipment requirements for the prom date game. Don’t get left on the side lines because you forgot something as simple as the flowers.

Girls know a corsage and a boutonniere are essential elements to the complete prom attire. There is also the social implication of having matching flowers that not only coordinate with your outfits but with each other. Clearly, you want to stake your territory to all other players at the prom.

This date, more than other dates, requires additions to the game plan. Here’s what you need to know before asking a girl to the prom.

Your date will spend a significant amount of money on her dress, shoes and accessories. Be sure to ask about the color of her dress. She’ll understand this as your willingness to color coordinate your suit or tux with hers. The added bonus for you is that you can tell the florist her color choice and coordinate her corsage and your boutonniere too.

Brief History
The Ancient Greeks are responsible for flowers being such a large part of dating. They believed that the scent of flowers would ward off any evil spirits. Giving flowers to your date ensures good fortune. And we all want our dates to be fortunate, don’t we guys?

By the Middle Ages, fashion (and the potent aromas in town) required ladies to carry flowers in nosegays or to wear them in corsages. Of course, only the wealthy could afford flowers. There started the tradition of an honored person wearing a corsage.

Men & Flowers
Gentlemen have worn boutonnieres for several centuries, at least. The button hole in the jacket lapel is especially made for the slim shaft of the flower to gently glide through, holding the flower in place for the occasion.

Scoring Points with Your Prom Date

Additional points can be scored with romantic girls when you present the lapel flower as a remembrance while gazing into her eyes. Reminiscent of Victorian times, this simple move guarantees a blush or giggles from girls who dream of finding their Prince Charming and moves you that much closer to the score.

Touch Down

Well worth the small expense to present your date with a lovely flowers, you’re guaranteed to score points. Each point your score may lead to a prom date touch-down.

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