Fashion Tips to Select the Best Prom Tuxedo

finetuxedos- Men's FormalwearChoosing the prom tuxedo is not always easy. Everyone wants their prom tuxedo according to what’s latest in style and fashion. Every guy wants to stand out and look distinct from the crowd on their prom night. But not everyone can afford to spend tons of money to get that dream prom tuxedo. In such a case, a vintage prom tuxedo may be what you are searching for.

When we talk of the vintage prom tuxedo, it usually refers to the prom tuxedos from the 60s and 80s. The vintage prom tuxedos are well designed and manufactured. Some specialized stores and websites deal in the vintage prom tuxedos and sometimes offer sale on them. The best place to look for a vintage prom tuxedo is the internet. Many sites offer vintage prom tuxedos at bargain rates.

The best part about choosing a vintage prom tuxedo is that there are a large number of styles to choose from.

A very essential part of the prom tuxedo is the formal vest. Formal vests are available in a variety of designs and colors. They are usually made from a blend of wool and silk. The various choices of formal vests to be worn with prom tuxedos are :- fullback black formal vest with adjustable waistband, woven stripe pattern formal vest, reversible silk and wool pattern formal vest and many others. The choice of color of the formal vest depends on the prom tuxedo that you wear.

You can find the prom tuxedo and formal vests from the various local stores, branded garment stores as well as online stores. The online stores offer the largest range of men’s prom tuxedo and formal vests at amazingly low prices. Generally, the bright colors in formal vests are avoided with tuxedos. However, for lighthearted occasions such as the prom night, you can dare to be different and go for different colors and patterns in formal vests. A formal vest with a pique collar is best for formal events. However, this style of the formal vest should be adorned only in black or white colors. You can also choose brocade and other similar designs with the prom tuxedo.

Formal vests are available in backless or full back styles. Backless formal vests give a less bulky look, but you will have to keep the jacket on the entire time. Backless formal vests provide a better opportunity for adjustment. You can also go for full back formal vests with adjustable straps. Having multiple formal vests in your wardrobe will help you get different look every time you wear a tuxedo.

So go for the right formal vest with the perfect prom tuxedo to make your prom memories fond and long lasting.

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