Prom Tuxedo - Prom Style Tips: What Every Guy Should Know

finetuxedos- Men's FormalwearCongratulations -- you are off to prom, my boy. And take it from a former Homecoming King, you only get one shot at this last hurrah. So do it up right. I'm here to help you make your prom the best it can be, by making you the most stylish guy there. Tonight is your night to be the center of attention! Here is what you need to do to be top dog at the prom.

1. Make sure to match your tuxedo to your date's prom dress. Everyone loves a cute couple, and take it from a ladykiller, the girls love when you match. Now the beauty of this lies in the way you go about obtaining the information you need to match. Tradition states that you should not see your date's prom dress before prom, so here's what you have to do.

Call your date periodically to get an update on her prom dress picking status. Of course she won't pick a dress until the last minute, but it will give you an excuse to talk to her. And she'll talk. And talk. And talk. Eventually she will have an idea of the color dress she will be choosing. You can then feel free to tell her, like the stud you are, "Huh! That's my favorite color. I was thinking of wearing something in that shade too!" Then go out and buy it.

2. Tailor the tuxedo. Most people rent tuxes. I say buy one -- it will help keep you in shape. However, if you want to rent, and you can't get it tailored, fine, but make sure you aren't swimming in yours. The more form fitting the tuxedo, the better you will look.

3. Invest in one attention getting prop. Your tux should be complemented by one accessory that will make you stand out -- a cane, or a hat, or your dad's white gold Rolex. Think of who you would be, and what you would be wearing, if you didn't care what anybody thought of you. Then go get that as your accessory.

4. Be the man. You set the plan for the evening. Make sure the girls in your party do not have to worry about a thing, from the ride to the corsages to the after party. Have the sparkling cider (right) waiting for them in the limo. Pour your date a glass. When you walk in, make sure you walk in side by side, by yourselves, not in a group. Be fashionably late and go straight to the center of the dance floor and give your date the best dance of her life. Then watch her face light up. You'll know where to take it from there. Good luck, kiddo!

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