Renting a Tuxedo for Prom: 3 Great Tips

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Ah, the joys of prom season, you can almost taste the glitter and hairspray in the air as you duck walk to avoid stepping on your dates ridiculously large frilly skirts. While prom is the culmination of female high school experiences, males tend to suffer through it just to get to see which girl shows up in the least amount of dress, and of course there are the after parties to consider. However, before you head out to prom, you'll need to rent a tuxedo from some sort of tuxedo store so here are 3 tips designed to make the process as pain free as possible.

Go to an Established Formal Wear Store
If the shop is where your grandfather got his wedding tuxedo, it's likely a good place to start your search. I know, I know, that sounds absolutely ridiculous but here's the skinny; if the shop has been around since the 40's or earlier, they must be doing something right. Formal wear stores that have been around for a long time are more likely to have connections to better suppliers, a more experienced staff (and when it comes to getting fitted needles plus close proximity to the family jewels make experience a very good thing), and they're also likely to actually follow the current fashion trends. It is also unlikely that a well established company would have difficulty matching the unique shade of blood red (a.k.a. vermilion) that your dates dress happens to be while a newer company is likely to have fewer actual choices.

Make Sure you can Move Well in your Tux
Stealing a line from Savage...SWING. Make sure when you try on the tuxedo that you can move your arms in it. A common mistake made my clothiers is the width of the male shoulder. Prom is primarily a really fancy dance and if you're going to pay the money to rent a tuxedo, you should be able to do the cha cha slide comfortably at least once.

Make Sure the Tuxedo Fits (duh!)
The final tip is a bit of a doozy; make sure you pick a tux that fits your shape. Guys tend to spend their days in t-shirts and jeans, but tuxedos are a completely different ball game. Any decent tuxedo store should have professionals trained to help you pick the right tuxedo for your shape and size, don't ignore them. Here's the biggest clue the staff are morons: No, everyone does NOT look good in a zoot suit. You must be tall, on the very thin side and have at least some length to your neck to pull off the 50's gangster look. There are many websites, articles and books out there available to those of you too shy to ask a professional, for everyone else, tell them you want to look like 007 and they'll hook you up.

Here are a selection of tuxedos for prom on sale: